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"God's Word in your mouth"

A Voice crying in the wilderness “Prepare the way of the Lord”

I saw this on Dean Briggs FB page today as I’m contemplating sharing with you:

“Get this: Rev. 1:15 —> 19:16. The voice of Jesus is described as “the voice of many waters.” By the end of the book, the voice of the saints is described EXACTLY the same. His voice becomes ours. They are indistinguishable. The religious, legalistic church will persecute this message, but our position in God’s heart and our authority in the End Times will astonish the earth and enrage the nations. Even so, their rage will not stop the power and grace that will roar through us like the voice of many waters.”-Dean Briggs

2021 began the year of the Voice. According to the Hebrew 2021 Pei/Aleph. 2022 will begin the year of the Voice, Pei/Bayt. Bayt or House in English, a year of God inhabiting His people. A house is built so one can make their dwelling place in it. You are God’s House and God desires to make His Dwelling Place in you. He created you so He can work through you if you would let Him.

Recently I was given assignment to share on zoom about Praying the Word with Power and ending up with sharing more on the Voice, led by Holy Spirit. In it, I shared about our voice print and related it to the IBM Key punching machine that we used in the 1960’s.

Our voice when we speak it creates and an imprint of what we’re speaking is being recorded. Where is it being recorded? Have you ever thought of that? In the Heavenlies where God dwells or in the place where Satan and his cohorts operate from? Are we speaking life? Are the things we’re speaking creating and blossoming or has it become like the fig tree Jesus Cursed that’s baron and not producing fruit.

Psalm one tells us that we will be like a tree planted by rivers of living water producing fruits in our season. Well, I believe this is our season to produce so let us become aware of what we are producing, of what we would like to produce.

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